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amazon fire bingoAlthough it originally started life as an e-reader the Amazon has progressed well over the last few years and its most recent device the Amazon Fire is already making waves in the gambling community, taking the industry by storm.

Thanks to the latest improvements to the Amazon Fire over the years bingo fans can now easily access their favourite sites and games almost instantly through a downloadable app or through their devices inbuilt browser in a matter of minutes.

So what is it exactly that makes Amazon kindle Fire Bingo so great? Well if you’re using your Amazon Fire to play games there’s a ton of benefits that you can take advantage of, although there’s also a few problems that you’re inevitably going to encounter.

For starters the biggest advantage of playing bingo with a Amazon Fire is its huge screen. Not only will this provide a better resolution for your games, it means that you’ll have a larger playing area. This makes controlling the game and pressing individual parts of the screen easier so you can clearly see what’s going on and which buttons to press. Another bonus is that it uses the latest Android operating system which means unlike older Android devices you’ll rarely encounter compatibility problems with games.

Amazon kindle Fire also comes with a unique ‘Mayday’ button that will directly connect you to one of their customer support staff around the clock who will walk you through any problems. Compare that with other tablets where you’d have to phone up a helpline or search the internet for the answer and you can already see the benefits of using a Amazon Fire.

However there are a few flaws, for instance since it was primarily built as an e-reader the Amazon Fire can’t handle some of the more recent and high-spec games as it will either crash or cause noticeable slowdown in the device. Also Amazon Fires don’t have an app store so if there’s a specific game or app you want to use you’ll have to manually search for it rather than use the Apple Store or Google Play.

Overall the Amazon Fire is a pretty good piece of tech to play bingo on, it’s relatively inexpensive, durable and it can handle quite a lot of games and sites. If you’re new to tablet gaming then a Amazon Fire is probably the best place to start out.