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bingo on the hudle

Although it’s still relatively new on the scene, the Hudl tablet from Tesco has already gained quite a following in the gambling circuit. So you may wonder why are so many people using it?

Well there are a ton of advantages to using a Hudl to get your gambling fix. For starters this unique little device is surprisingly easy to use as you can use its inbuilt Google browser app to search for your favourite bingo sites in a few seconds. It also uses the latest android Jelly Bean software so it can handle the majority of bingo sites and games.

Another great benefit for using this tablet is that the screen is fairly large, it fits snuggly in your hand and although the screen is slightly dark you have a high level of resolution in your games. Also since it fits neatly into your hand it’s ideal for bingo as it makes you feel like you’re playing with a real bingo card.

A great addition is that there’s a dedicated Tesco button which will let you access any Tesco services. Although this may not initially seem gambling related you can actually use it to access Tesco bank systems, so you could use it to quickly top up your online bingo account with cash if you have an account with their bank too.

It’s also incredibly sturdy so you can take it out and play bingo with it without worrying about accidently dropping and breaking it.

However, there are a few problems to deal with when you’re using this device. For starters it’s not the most powerful tablet to use as there’s a noticeable lag when you use it to play more processor intensive games. So you may have to avoid playing some of the more recent games as this might not cope.

It’s also not the fastest to charge so if you’re planning a long bingo session on the train to work or going home then you’ll have to wait a while for it to fully charge

Overall the Hudl tablet from Tesco is a surprisingly great addition to the tablet genre. It’s relatively cheap, sturdy and can handle quite a large range of games. So if you’re looking for a tablet to use to play bingo then you can’t go wrong with the Hudl as a starting point.