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Playing Bingo on HTC Mobile
htc mobile bingoIt’s safe to say that over the last few years one of the main competitors in the mobile gambling market has been HTC. They’ve seen almost meteoric success with their range of smartphones that range in size from tiny palm shaped mobiles to much larger pieces of tech.

So what is it that makes these unique phones so popular to online bingo players?

Well to start off they’re incredibly easy to use and you can get access to your favourite bingo games and apps in a matter of minutes by using either the default internet explorer app to go on a bingo homepage or by using the Google Play Store to download a fun bingo app or two.

But it’s not just accessibility that HTC phones have got going for them because they’re absolutely massive which means you can enjoy games with a higher rate of resolution than other models.

Resolution isn’t the only thing that’s improved because you can also see text in games clearer as well as control your slots or daub off bingo cards easier since the large screens reduce the risk of accidently pressing the wrong button when you’re playing a game.

Another great feature is that thanks to the recent improvements in Android operating software the once prevalent problem of website and game compatibility with phones that use the Android OS is now a thing of the past. The latest HTC devices can work with a wide range of games and sites.

HTC phones are also incredibly tough so you can take it out with you to play your favourite games on the go and you won’t have to worry about dropping and breaking it. Another great feature of HTC mobiles is that their memory cards can be swapped out so you can put in bigger cards to store more fun bingo games and apps.

However, just because this phone seems ideal doesn’t mean it’s perfect, there is one flaw. The worst problem HTC phones have is that they’ve got an incredibly short battery life that only degrades further the older your phone eventually gets so it’s not great for big bingo sessions.

Aside from the issue of battery life HTCs are pretty much perfect for playing bingo and it’s definitely worth investing in one if you’re looking for a new source of mobile bingo fun.