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Playing Bingo on Blackberry
blackberry devicesAlthough not as popular as they once were, Blackberry devices have been doing well in the online bingo market. Over the last few years the ground-breaking and arguably first ever smartphone has been met with positive feedback from the online gambling community.

So how does the Blackberry measure up against its competitors in the bingo market? As it turns out Blackberry does pretty well, especially with their more recent device the Blackberry Passport. Using its default search engine of Bing you can easily download your favourite bingo apps or even play on a bingo website that uses a mobile friendly homepage so you’ll still be able to get your bingo fix when you use this device.

But it doesn’t stop at accessibility because there’s a ton of other benefits you can take advantage of when you use a Blackberry. For starters on the newer devices the screens are much larger than their predecessors. It’s almost a miniature tablet so you’ll get to enjoy crystal clear graphics in your games. Plus if you’re playing a chat based bingo game you can use the mobile’s keyboard to happily talk away to the other players as if you were using a keyboard at a PC.

It’s also got quite a hefty battery so you’ll get a lot of playtime out of it which is ideal for those of you who going on a marathon session of bingo. The newer Blackberry’s are also portable processing powerhouses as they use quad-core processors to power through whatever you put in front of it. This means you’ll be able to run more high end games without having to worry about your mobile crashing.

Although there are tons of benefits to using your Blackberry to play bingo there are also a couple of problems. The worst of which is that because your device puts all of its processing power towards running apps and games there can be the odd occasion where you’ll miss a call because the phones software won’t register that a call has come through since it’s too busy running games.

That’s the only real nit-picks with Blackberry devices because aside from that they’re a great piece of technology to use especially if you like mobile gaming. If you’re in need of a new mobile to get your bingo fix from then you should definitely try using a Blackberry.